Constitution of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan (as of 2016) (excerpts)



Article 2

2. The people of Kyrgyzstan shall exercise its power directly at elections and referenda,
as well as through the system of state authorities and local self-governance bodies on the basis of the
present Constitution and laws.

3. Laws and other important matters of state significance may be submitted to a
referendum (nationwide vote). The procedures of holding a referendum and the list of questions put to
the referendum shall be defined in the constitutional law.


Article 52
1. Citizens shall have the right to:
3) to take part in referenda in accordance with procedures established by the constitutional law.


Article 74
1. The Jogorku Kenesh:
1) shall adopt the law on appointing a referendum


Article 106
The Central commission on election and referenda shall ensure preparation and conducting
elections and referenda in the Kyrgyz Republic.


Article 114
1. The law on introducing changes to the present Constitution may be adopted by referendum
called by the Jogorku Kenesh.


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