Constitution of the Principality of Andorra (1993) (excerpts related to elections) (English)

of the Principality of Andorra



Article 45
The Coprinces, with the countersignature of the Head of
Government, or when appropriate, of the Syndic General, have
the political responsibility for:
a) Calling a general election in accordance with the Constitution.
b) Calling a referendum in accordance with articles 76 and 106
of the Constitution


Article 51
1. The Councillors are elected by universal, free, equal and direct
suffrage for a four-year term. Their mandate shall cease four years
after their election or on the day that the General Council is dissolved.
2. Elections shall be held between the thirtieth and fortieth days
following the dissolution of the General Council.
3. All Andorran nationals fully enjoying their political rights are
entitled to vote and to be eligible for election.
4. A Qualified Law shall regulate the electoral system and shall
provide for the causes for ineligibility or incompatibility of

Article 52
The General Council consists of a minimum of twenty-eight and
a maximum of forty-two General Councillors, half of whom shall
be elected in an equal number by each of the seven Parishes and
the other half elected on the basis of a national single constituency.


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