Constitution of the Republic of Turkey (1982) (excerpts related to National Human Rights Institutions) (English)





VII. Right of Petition, Right to Information and Appeal to the Ombudsman

Article 74.

Citizens and foreigners resident considering the principle of reciprocity have the right to apply in writing to the competent authorities and to the Turkish Grand National Assembly with regard to the requests and complaints concerning themselves or the public.

The result of the application concerning himself shall be made known to the petitioner in writing without delay.

Everyone has the right to obtain information and appeal to the Ombudsman.

The Institution of the Ombudsman established under the TGNA examines complaints on the functioning of the administration.

The Ombudsman shall be elected by the TGNA for a term of four years by secret ballot. In the first two ballots, a two-thirds majority of the component members and in the third ballot, an absolute majority of the component members shall be required. If an absolute majority cannot be obtained in the third ballot, a fourth ballot shall be held between the two candidates who have received the greatest number of votes in the third ballot; the candidate who receives the greatest number of votes in the fourth ballot shall be elected.

The way of exercising the rights referred to in this article, the establishment, duties, functioning and actions of the Ombudsman institution to be taken after the examination and the procedures and principles regarding the qualifications, elections and personnel rights of the Ombudsman and his/her officials shall be laid down in law.


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