Constitution of the Slovak Republic (1992, as amended 2017) (excerpts related to National Human Rights Institutions) (English)

Constitution of the Slovak Republic - The Public Defender of Rights


Article 151a
(1) The Public Defender of Rights is an independent body which in the scope and in manner laid down by a law protects the fundamental rights and freedoms of natural persons and legal entities in the proceedings, before public administration bodies and other public bodies, if activities, decision making or inactivity of the bodies are  inconsistent with legal order. In cases laid down by a law the public defender of rights can participate in calling the persons acting in public bodies to responsibility, if the persons have violated fundamental right or freedom of natural persons and legal entities.   All public power bodies shall provide the public defender of rights with needed co-action.

(2) The public defender of rights can apply the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic for commencement of proceedings according to Art. 125, if fundamental right or freedom acknowledged for natural person or legal entity is violated by a generally binding legal regulation.

(3)  The public defender of rights shall be elected by the National Council from among the candidates proposed by at least 15 members of the National Council for a term of office of 5 years. A person, who can be elected as public defender of rights, must be a citizen of the Slovak Republic who can be elected as member of the National Council of the Slovak Republic and has reached the age of 35 years by the day of election.  The public defender of rights may not be a member of a political party or political movement,

(4) The function of the public defender of rights shall terminate on the day of finality of a judgment, whereby the public defender of rights was convicted of a willful criminal offence or whereby he was convicted of a criminal offence and the court did not decide his case on a probationary suspension of the imprisonment sentence, or he lost eligibility for election.

(5)  The National Council of the Slovak Republic may recall the public defender of rights if his long-term health condition, lasting for at least three months, does not allow him to duly perform the duties arising from the function.

(6) Details of the election and recall of the public defender of rights, his competence, conditions of execution of the function, manner of legal protection, and on presentation of proposals for commencement of  proceedings before the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic according to Art.  130 sect. 1, lett. f) and on application of rights of natural persons and legal entities shall be specified by law.

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