Kyrgyz Parliament approves the law on peaceful assemblies

On 12 June, Parliament approved the amendment law "On introducing changes and additions to  the law of the Kyrgyz Republic on the rights of citizens to gather peacefully and without  weapons, freely conduct meetings and demonstrations".

According to the amendments, local authorities must give their permission or refusal in writing to organisers of a public event. Citizens may appeal against the decision in court. Rally organisers should submit their notification to the local authorities 12 days in advance. The local authorities must provide a reply no later than six days before the date the rally is scheduled for.

The law forbids rallies and public meetings within 30 meters of international highways and railways; and within 50 meters of the Residences of the President and Prime minister, as well as the buildings of Parliament, Government, courts, penitentiary institutions and military units.

Rallies may only be conducted between 9.00am to 8.00pm. The law does not permit the erection of temporary dwellings (such as yurts, tents and other facilities).

The law will now be submitted to the Kyrgyz President who has the Constitutional right to approve or veto it.

On 7 May, the Centre in Bishkek (CiB) proposed to the Parliamentary Speaker that ODIHR provide expert opinion on the draft law. On 2 June, the CiB received Parliament’s written agreement to this proposal. The CiB promptly forwarded this to ODIHR, who have undertaken to provide the expert opinion by 30 June. This was then communicated by the CiB to the Parliament.

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