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Freedom of Association



Freedom of association is crucial to the functioning of a democracy and the exercise of a range of other human rights. This section of the website offers access to a selection of major international standards set forth in universal and regional treaties, soft-law instruments and case-law pertaining to the freedom of association. It also contains official EU documents, as well as examples of national constitutional provisions and legislation on the functioning of NGOs, political parties and other associations.

In this section, you will also find other useful resources on the topic of freedom of association, such as ODIHR guidelines, legal opinions and comments on national legislation from across the OSCE region. To learn more, follow the link to Associationline, ODIHR’s interactive guide to freedom of association for government authorities and civil society.


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Legal Reviews

Joint Opinion on Draft Law No. 140/2017 of Romania on Amending Governmental Ordinance No. 26/2000 on Associations and Foundations (in Romanian)

Date : 16 March 2018 Romanian [0.59 MB]

Joint Opinion on Draft Law No. 140/2017 of Romania on Amending Governmental Ordinance No. 26/2000 on Associations and Foundations (in English)

Date : 16 March 2018 English [0.54 MB]

Joint Opinion on Two Draft Laws (no. 6674 and no. 6675) of Ukraine on Public Transparency of Information on Finance Activity of Public Associations and on the Use of International Technical Assistance (in Ukrainian) 

Date : 16 March 2018 Ukrainian [0.61 MB]
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