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The phenomenon of trafficking in human beings is most often tackled through reactive means such as support and protection measures addressed at presumed trafficked persons as well as law enforcement actions responding to a crime that has already been committed. Any comprehensive, forward-looking and sustainable anti-trafficking strategy, however, also calls for effective preventive measures that tackle root causes and empower at-risk groups. Such measures should incorporate a broader socio-economic perspective linking anti-trafficking strategies with schemes that promote good governance, poverty reduction, gender equality and anti-discrimination in countries of origin and countries of destination alike. Prevention also plays a vital role in the context of social inclusion of trafficked persons in their home country since the risk of being again caught in the trafficking cycle is bigger if the social environment that the victim has left in the first place remains unchanged.

Activities in the field of prevention inter alia include research and awareness raising, education and empowerment, community-based initiatives and information on safe migration.


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