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Joint Recommendations with the Venice Commission on the Electoral Law and the Electoral Administration in Moldova

Added: 2004-07-12
Moldova : Elections

This document will not be distributed at the meeting Please bring this copy Ce document ne sera pas distribu en r union Pri re de vous munir de cet exemplaire Strasbourg 12 July 2004 Opinion No 272 20

Preliminary Comments on the Draft Laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Counteractive measures against extremist activities" and "On amendments to the several legislative acts with regard to counteractive measures against extremist activities"

Added: 2004-06-23
Kazakhstan : Counter-Terrorism

2 Scope of Review This is not a comprehensive review but rather a preliminary comment on the Draft Law Nr 400 of the Kazakh Republic On counteractive measures against extremist activities adopted 10 A

Comments on the Draft Convention of the Council of Europe on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings

Added: 2004-06-01
Trafficking in Human Beings

Change name of Chapter Support Option Each Party shall take such legislative or other measures as may be necessary to enable migration to be carried out legally in particular through dissemination of

Preliminary Recommendations on the draft Law of the Republic of Moldova on Prevention and Combating Trafficking in Persons

Added: 2004-04-06
Moldova : Trafficking in Human Beings

Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe Mission to Moldova Opinion Nr TRAFF MDA 002 2004 MASz Warsaw Chisinau 6 April 2004 Preliminary Recommendations on the draft Law of the Republic of M

Opinion on the Draft Law of the Republic of Armenia on the Procedure of Conducting Gatherings, Meetings, Rallies and Demonstrations

Added: 2004-04-04
Armenia : Freedom of Peaceful Assembly

instruments so that the draft law must also be in compliance with them Furthermore interference with freedom of assembly is likely to have those to liberty and security of the 3 and to respect for pri
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